Run a Legal Temporary Event

Music and art festivals are held on an annual basis across the United Kingdom to provide enthusiasts of either genre to enjoy the experience of live shows. From watching favourite bands perform on stage to viewing open displays of contemporary art, events require considerable preparation and organisation to ensure they run smoothly without any hitches. This may include sourcing bulk stocks of alcohol and security guards to ensure festival enthusiasts can enjoy the event whilst remaining on the right side of the law.

The element of acting in a law abiding manner is more importantly felt by event organisers who are legally required to cover certain aspects of their festival. Any events which provide their guests with live entertainment or serve alcohol on its premises require a business license. This is applicable to all temporary events, whether it is live music festivals such as Glastonbury and Leeds, or street parties organised to celebrate a special occasion.

Organisers and companies who specialise in arranging and facilitating a temporary event are obligated to adhere to licensing laws. Failing to acquire the services of licensing solicitors to receive legal clearance to serve alcohol or provide live entertainment can result in revocation, fines and potential prosecution.

Licensing solicitors are qualified and experienced in helping temporary event organisers with any business license they require. Any event which covers a period of between one to four days requires a temporary event notice which must cover the anticipated size of a festival or street party, and the number of guests who will be in attendance.

Informing the police and licensing authority of the area of a held event, in addition to assessment covering health and safety and security risks, are additional licensing laws which must be met in order to run legally-binding event for all to enjoy.

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