Three tips for a winning accident claim

Accident claims are generally far from cut and dry. Statements conflict, even when witnesses are trying to provide an unbiased account. To give yourself the best chance of winning damages, the rules are always the same. Accident claims from Manchester to Penzance win on evidence.

Here are five forms of evidence any accident claimant should be careful to gather:

Your own statement – Often in accidents everything seems to happen at once. When looking back, it can be difficult to set out the course of events. This is why it’s important to make a record of your side of the story as soon as you can. The sooner you record your version of events, the better.

If the injury is serious, you may not be capable of recording your thoughts. It’s a good idea to talk to a friend or relative about your experience, and ask them to write down what you say.

Witness statements – These should also be recorded as soon as possible. With witness statements, it’s helpful to get the witness to sign written statements or, if making a statement via recording, acknowledge that they are aware they’re being recorded. At the very least, the names and contact details of any witnesses should be recorded for use during your claim.

Photographs – Injuries heal, and accident scenes get cleaned up. The only way to preserve them is to thoroughly photograph them. Take photographs of the whole process, including every injury you have, no matter how small.

Photos need to include as much detail as possible. For example, personal injury solicitors in Manchester will be helped more by photos that clearly identify the area of Manchester your accident occurred in, than a general picture of a damaged car.

The circumstances of your accident are likely to be the key to winning your case. Record as much as possible for your chance to win.

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