Man secures compensation following road traffic accident

In the wake of road traffic accidents, the injured parties often seek compensation for their suffering and one man who has succeeded in his legal fight is Andrew Hutcheson.

The 59-year-old postal worker was sorting out parcels at the back of his van when it was struck by another vehicle, the Cambridge News reports. As a result of the impact, he suffered severe leg injuries and had to spend three months in hospital.

Recently, he was awarded £550,000 in compensation and he revealed that he and his wife Rose will use the money to move from their second-floor flat with no lift to a specially adapted home nearby.

Commenting on the accident, Mr Hutcheson said: “All I remember is a thump, and the next thing I knew I was on the side of the road being attended to. I was rushed to hospital, where they saved my life, and then rushed to another hospital where they did their best to put my legs back together.

“I had to stay in hospital from the end of November to the end of February. I can now walk a few steps using a walking frame and can drive using hand controls, but it will be another year before the doctors know how much movement I’ll get back. Whatever happens, I’ll have a permanent disability.”

The new property he and his wife intend to move to is located half a mile from their current home and they are aiming to make the transition early next year.

While road accident compensation cannot undo the pain and suffering victims experience, it can help them to rebuild their lives. Also, succeeding in their legal battles can provide people with a greater sense of justice and closure, which can be an important part of the psychological healing process.