Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Cats are fairly self-sufficient on the whole. They don’t need to be taken for walks or given lots of attention to ensure that they remain happy and healthy. And yet, just because they are self-sufficient, this doesn’t mean that, as an owner, one should just let them always get on with things. From the pet foods you give to your cat to how you treat it and even the environment you offer it, there will be many things one needs to get right to ensure a cat stays as healthy as possible.

Firstly, be aware just how damaging some food can be. Even cow’s milk can cause a cat serious health problems or illnesses and therefore it is wise to make sure that you avoid giving your cat human food and instead opt for high quality pet foods from an online pet shop.

Obesity can also be a problem for cats. Again, the right food, and limiting the number of treats they are offered is likely to help, but for those cats who are particularly lazy and prefer to curl up and sleep rather than going out to play, it may be necessary to prompt them to exercise by playing with them regularly. Obesity can be a huge problem for cats and whilst it may be cute to have a plump ball of fur in your home, if your cat is overweight they are likely to suffer for it, both physically and even mentally.

Again, the right pet shop should have plenty of answers, and not only will you be able to find plenty of toys to get them active, but there will also be very specialised foods available to help ensure an overweight cat can return to a healthy weight.

So, whilst they may well be self-sufficient, it is important not to be complacent when it comes to the health of your cat.

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