Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

As a nation of dog lovers, Brits perhaps more than other nations love to spoil their dogs. When you’re eating your dinner and he’s sniffing around and pawing at your legs, looking at you with those gorgeous puppy dog eyes, it can be hard to resist sneaking him a bite or two. However, although it seems like he wants a tasty treat off your plate, dog food exists for a reason. Much human food isn’t appropriate for consumption by your pet and can actually have negative consequences for his health.

So what doesn’t count as suitable dog food? Chocolate is one thing that most pet owners know – it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and even death for your pup – but there are a number of other human foods that are a big no no. Raw meat and fish can contain harmful bacteria which can make your dog sick – these bacteria are eliminated through cooking, so the raw versions aren’t good for you or him.

Certain fruit and vegetables can have detrimental effects too – raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure, while avocado can even be toxic! Avoid onions and garlic also – these can cause anaemia and even poison. Alcohol can cause liver failure – as it can humans, but a lesser amount can have this effect on dogs – and many dogs have an intolerance to dairy products, ending up with diarrhoea. Giving your pooch the fat you’ve cut off your own meaty dinner is definitely not a good idea either, as it can lead to pancreatitis.

The one dog owners might find most surprising, however, is bones. Many dog foods include bone meal as part of their ingredients, which provides an essential source of calcium. However, if they’ve already received their necessary calcium intake, giving your dog a bone could end up with him having too much, which can actually be detrimental.

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