Provide a Dog with Good Oral Health

Establishing and maintaining good levels of oral health is important for both humans and animals to ensure they can enjoy a quality of life. Each part of the mouth area, from the teeth to the jaws, combines to allow a person or animal to effectively breathe, communicate and eat food. It is therefore essential to ensure a set of teeth remain sharp and clean to preserve their quality and be able to carry out cognitive functions without any pain.

Although animals in the wild are required to fend for themselves and maintain their own quality of teeth, those which are bought as pets place the responsibility on their owner’s shoulders. All owners take on the role of looking after the safety and wellbeing of their pet to ensure the environment is suitable for their naturalistic requirements. Additionally, they are responsible for providing their pet with a level of nutrition required to keep their body and overall health in prime condition.

Due to the abundance of energy and excitement they exude, dogs require ample portions of animal feed on a daily basis. This not only helps to strengthen their core body muscles and bones, but also provides the nutrients and vitamins needed to be active and move freely.

Typical products specifically created for dogs are available in wet and dry dog food form. The former is usually contained within a sealed tin with a flavoured jelly providing a moist, flavour-packed meal, whilst the latter is kept in a thick bag to preserve its dry nature.

As brushing the teeth of a dog can be an almost impossible task, owners must find other ways of promoting oral health for their pet. While such animal feed is beneficial for the substantial levels of vitamin and nutrients packed within each product, dry dog food can play a key role in preserving the quality of a dog’s teeth. The rough and tough nature of dry food provides dog with a level of jaw work required to keep their teeth strong and clean.

Specialist dental biscuits can also be purchased to further enhance a dog’s oral health. This is to ensure they can enjoy eating without any pain, whilst receiving the intake of nutrients required to own a happy, healthy canine.

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