Keep Cool this Summer with Laptop Lap Trays

Laptops are wonderful devices that can enable you to work and play almost anywhere. With laptop lap trays you can help to create comfortable work stations whether you are at work or home.

Cool Down

One of the main problems with laptops is that they can get hot during operation. The longer you use them for the hotter they can get. This can be a problem particularly if you commonly use your laptop directly on your lap.

Some laptops have fans on the underneath section of the main body of the device. When these laptops are used on your lap then they may not have enough ventilation to cool down.

When laptops get too hot this can cause a number of problems. Not only can the laptop itself suffer from this heat but your legs could get overheated and your skin could be affected.

This is why it is so important not to use your laptop directly on your lap.

By choosing laptop lap trays you can still continue to use your laptop, but with a proper base to work from.
This will ensure the laptop has adequate ventilation and does not overheat. Your legs will also be protected as you work from any heat your laptop may generate.

Laptop lap trays are designed to offer comfort whilst you are working. If you use a mouse with your laptop then look out for the slightly wider trays (around 61cm).

These wider trays offer that additional bit of space you need to move your mouse around comfortably whilst you are working.

Bespoke Laptop Lap Trays

You can find some great providers of laptop lap trays online. Some can even offer some fantastic bespoke options. This means you can request laptop lap trays in any designs you want. This makes it easy to customise your laptop lap trays to fit your tastes.

Whether you want a fun image to make you smile or a professional design that will match your work bespoke laptop lap trays can be the right choice for you. These bespoke designs also make great presents for birthdays and other special occasions.


Laptop lap trays can provide a practical way for you to use your lap top. These trays help to reduce problems with overheating and protect your legs and laptop as you work.