The Right Furniture for a Small Garden

Having a small back garden could obviously limit how much furniture could be used in this outdoor space. However, there are many ways to make the most of even the tiniest garden or yard.

So, any homeowner who wants to make the most of their outside area should consider these simple tips to help maximise their usable space, whilst still incorporating stylish garden furniture.

It is common knowledge that several large pieces of outdoor furniture placed in a small garden or yard can easily make it feel cramped, but for those who want to throw an outdoor dinner party or barbeque for lots of guests, there are solutions available. Stacking and/or folding chairs are a great idea to ensure that visitors have a place to sit on at these occasions, but can easily be stored elsewhere when not in use.

t is worth bearing in mind that chairs with arm rests can be wider than chairs without and could potentially limit the number of people who can fit around a table, so this should be a consideration when buying tables and chairs for a small back garden. Choosing oval and circular tables can also help because it is easier to fit extra chairs, and thus people, around these styles of table than a conventional square or rectangular one.

People want to relax in their garden, during the warmer months especially, which is why stacking or folding loungers, and folding bistro or coffee tables are a great way to integrate stylish and practical furniture into any size of garden, but which can be folded or stacked away when not needed, requiring minimal storage space and leaving the garden space usable for other things at these times.

Having a small garden or yard doesn’t mean there needs to be a compromise on style, which is why durable and attractive teak garden furniture is a great look for any size of garden. Ethically sourced teak makes for stunning garden tables, wooden garden chairs, solid teak benches and garden loungers, built to last and look beautiful for generations.