Get the perfect vintage look with retro furniture

There’s nothing better than being able to design your own home. You’re free to create an interior design scheme you can’t wait to show off, and once you’ve got the basics sorted (colour scheme etc.) it’s the furniture you choose that can make all the difference. Recently the vintage look has enjoyed something of a revival, and if you want to achieve the perfect look then retro furniture should be the only option.

Retro pieces will be able to bring something different to any room in the house. The most popular pieces of vintage furniture tend to be seen in the living room, den, dining room or home office (Eames chairs are a prime example of retro styling and can be used in a whole range of applications), so you’ll never be short of design choices. Think things like the iconic Egg Chair, the Ball Chair or the stylish Barcelona sofa collection—with so many options to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The best thing about retro furniture is that it can look almost contemporary in design. A lot of the most iconic pieces of vintage furniture have a distinctly modern feel, with sleek lines, abstract shapes and minimalist styling combining to create a truly stunning result, with the pieces looking at home in any design scheme necessary.

A lot of modern incarnations are based on former styles rather than being the original article, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same look. Choose wisely and you’ll find everything from stunningly recreated Eames chairs to beautiful chaise lounges, all being carefully reproduced with precise attention to detail for a truly exceptional result.

With the right pieces of furniture you’ll be able to achieve the ultimate vintage look, so make sure to see what you can find and you’ll soon be able to give your home the lift it deserves.

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