Choosing Radiator Valves

When you buy any bathroom radiator for your home, they will no doubt come with a certain type of valve. However, very few people actually consider changing these valves. Yet, doing so could improve the comfort levels in your bathroom no end and could even save you a huge amount of money in the process.

There are many different types of valve available and each different type will be available in a range of different style s to ensure that you can have the most appropriate solution for your needs and ensure that they don’t look incongruous on your radiator. In turn, you can keep the radiator you have, and simply spend a very small amount of money on a new radiator valve, and get a whole new way of heating your bathroom without having to alter the style of the room at all.

The valves regulate the temperature of your bathroom radiator and ensure that you are not simply forced to keep the bathroom the same temperature as every other room. By using the right valve, you can make sure that you have warm and comfortable towels even in the summer and that getting out of the bath in the winter doesn’t have to be a total shock just because you don’t want to waste energy or have your whole home feeling like a sauna.

The main two choices you will have when it comes to choosing a radiator valve will be thermostatic and manual. Thermostatic options will alter the temperature for you if the room becomes too hot or too cold, ensuring that it stays at the exact temperature you want, at all times. A manual valve will need you to choose a certain temperature level by twisting a knob yourself, and these are often far less effective at helping you maintain an even temperature.

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