Designer Bathrooms In A Confined Space

Designer bathrooms can be very impressive in the showroom or on a website, but when it comes to installing the same thing in a real bathroom, the results can be drastically different. Not all fitted bathroom cabinets intended to be included with a particular designer set can be accommodated for a variety of reasons including the size of the bathroom, or even its shape. It may simply be impractical to force in the entire set. The best designers will have already thought of this and will adapt their bathroom furniture to fit into smaller rooms. Of course, this shouldn’t mean that customers have to settle for a lesser quality bathroom – the only thing they should settle for is a better price.

Designer furniture should utilise fitted cabinets well so that they maximise the space available while also providing ample storage space for everyday needs. Design elements should be paired back in the interests of functionality. Given that the average British bathroom is only 8’ x 6’ using space well like this had to be a major priority and every little detail can make the bathroom a more user-friendly space. Of course, many people want their bathrooms to be inviting places that are easy to relax in, and in a small space, this isn’t the easiest feat to achieve. A bath can easily take up most of the room while not leaving much space for manoeuvrability in the centre of the room. With basins, mirrors, cabinets and roll holders this cramped area can become unworkable. Careful measurements must therefore be taken of both the bathroom that is desired and the room itself with considerations given to plumbing at every stage. It may well be that to have the stylish bathroom that is desired, the fittings need to be shifted.

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