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Interior lighting is a vital part of the message you want to communicate to others when they enter your home, and more importantly, reflects the type of home you feel comfortable living in. It has to be inviting, not too dark, nor too light, allow for activities like reading, cooking and watching television. Most of all, it should feel natural and facilitate your life while illuminating your lifestyle and values. If you find yourself turning on and off lights constantly, it could be that the lighting in your home isn’t perfect.

The are various different types of interior lighting to facilitate life in various rooms of your abode. Accent lighting is great for creating a mood and it can highlight artwork on your walls or even draw attention away from an area you might like to be overlooked. This is in contrast to ambient interior lights which are there to illuminate an area more fully making them better for practical tasks like entering a house or cooking. If you explicitly want to illuminate a particular area of your house, you might use decorative lighting, whereby the light itself becomes part of the decoration while illuminating the fruits of your decorative labour. If you need lighting for more specific areas, task lighting can be deployed to better enable you to read or sew without illuminating the entire room.

Bedroom lighting has to balance any number of tasks, creating the need for effective ceiling lighting, lamps and nightlights. The interior lighting has to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that is bright enough to allow for getting changed easily but also not so bright that it sterilises any atmosphere. Bedside task lights should also be bright enough to read by but not so bright that they might keep anyone else awake in the room.



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