Applications of outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED screens are becoming a more common sight in various parts of the country – and with good reason! The ability to screen broadcasts and events outside is something that many organisations find useful. If that sounds a bit odd to you then maybe you should read on to gain a better understanding of why outdoor LED screens remain so widely sought after:

There are various types of outdoor LED screens which vary from relatively small units similar to domestic TV screens to ones the size of the side of a house. However what they all have in common is that they use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and are weather-proofed so things like rain do not cause them to malfunction or break.

There are a number of reasons why outdoor LED screens are so popular. One of the major ones is for broadcasts of prestigious sporting occasions to the masses. If you are wondering about the potential for live exterior broadcasts of sporting events (and therefore large outdoor LED screens) then you should just think of the famous Murray Mound – formerly known as Henman Hill – on the periphery of the All England Lawn Tennis Club in SW19. Thousands of tennis fans gather there to cheer to premier British players every year at the Wimbledon major. Various sports stadia have huge outdoor LED screens as an integral part of their design. In most cases these are used for instantaneous replays of the action.

Also several local councils across the UK have had outdoor LED screens installed in urban centres which are used for screening things like World Cup football matches. At other times they can be used for music performances or various other broadcasts.

Outdoor concerts and gigs are other places where outdoor LED screens come in useful. They are used for close up shots of musicians during the live performance, which come in useful for particularly large events with a lot of attendees.

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