Finding exceptional London wood flooring

London wood flooring companies will be able to supply and fit a wide range of wood flooring solutions to meet your requirements. If live in or around the London area and are looking for hardwood flooring London companies to fit a wooden floor or wooden stairs for you then you may find businesses listed in your local phone directory. Alternatively you can use the internet to search for London wood flooring or hardwood flooring London and you should be provided with a number of links to company’s websites that provide this service. You will want to ensure you find experienced and skilled craftsmen that can lay perfect hardwood flooring London.

London wood flooring is a great investment for your property as it will last for many years, much longer than carpet may last. It has a timeless beauty that matches any décor and never really looks dated. Hardwood flooring London is durable, hardwearing and there is such a great choice of woods available that you will be able to choose one to complement the existing décor in your house. Solid wood flooring is a popular choice and can be treated with lacquer or oil for a wonderful finished look. It cannot be laid over concrete floor or under floor heating systems so has some limitations for more modern properties.

Semi-solid London wood flooring has a thick layer of the high quality wood on the surface and a less expensive wood on the base. This means it offers more flexibility as you can lay it onto concrete floors. Engineered London wood flooring tends to have three layers, a hardwood veneer layer in the wood of your choice, the core layer and then the base layer. These can be laid onto existing floor joists and are often laid as floating floor over exiting floorboards as they are very stable. Parquet wooden flooring is another very popular choice and is more traditional than some of the more modern hardwood flooring. Parquet flooring is popular in period properties and it is laid in block patterns.

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