How To Clean Silk Flowers – The Easiest Way

Any one that has ever had silk flowers or plants knows they can be a magnet for dust. Dust makes them look old and worn out, this is why some people just throw them away and purchase new ones. This may be the reason why you don’t purchase silk flowers or plants in the first place. They can be hard to clean with traditional methods but there are some products out there that work very well and are very easy to use.

Many of us have learned to take a damp cloth and wipe each petal and leaf individually but this can take a long time if you have a large arrangement or tree. Also if the dust is real thick the wiping can be even more tedious. This method works but is quite labor intensive. One other method for smaller plants is to put it in a bag of salt and shake the bag to rid the plant of the dust. This may work to some extent however it is very rough on the silks and may cause damage to them if not done carefully. Some say to take them outside and hose them down then leave them in the sun to dry. This will get the surface dust off but wiping may still be needed in most cases. In addition this may cause mold to build up on the plants because of all the moisture it will retain. Leaving it in the sun to dry will cause the leaves on most artificial plants to fade slightly and lose their realistic look. You’re probably asking; how do I get it to look just like they were when I first got them? There is a simple method and products that work wonders to give your silk flowers, plants and trees the brand new look without all the work.

One product is Silk’n Splendor; this product is by far the most popular and the best by our standards. It’s a very simple process. You just spray enough on to saturate the leaves on the plant, tree or flower arrangement and let it drip dry. No wiping needed as this product encapsulates the dust particles and drops them off the leaf like magic. It also is formulated with a silicone which puts the brand new sheen back on your foliage and minimizes dust build up. If you have a volume of plants or trees to clean you can use what the commercial cleaner’s use, an industrial pump sprayer you can purchase at your local home improvement store. This product comes in 24oz spray bottle, 18oz aerosol and a gallon refill for those larger jobs.

This is by far the best way to clean your silk plants, trees and flowers and it can be found at many craft stores along with online retailers selling it for less but you have to pay shipping in most cases. There have been many copycats of this product such as Silk Solutions, Simply Silk and many others but they all seem to do the same job as the original and are more expensive. I hope this will keep many of you from throwing out your old silk plants because of the dust and maybe those of you who haven’t thought about buying silk may want to try them as they are easier than ever to clean than they were just a few years ago.

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