Marine Engines

Power your cruiser with high quality Marine engines

Looking for V8 Marine Engines that’ll prove to be reliable, dependable and provide you with power when you need it on your many water-bound adventures?  Boats rely on their Marine Engines and yours is no exception, so what happens if you start having problems with your engine? You need to ask yourself, does it simply require a few Volvo Penta parts, or is the damage a little more terminal?  Quick fixes are certainly possible with the right parts, but what happens when Marine Engines have finally given up the ghost? Replacement units are required and the market sector is currently filled with a number of reliable Marine Engines that are perfect for vessels of all sizes.

Choose a manufacturer of Marine engines

Do you have a favourite manufacturer of Marine Engines?  Are you a fan of Ford or prefer Volvo Marine Engines with all of their Volvo Penta parts?  Did you know that most of the manufacturers of Marine Engines actually buy the base unit direct from GM then add their own unique ranges of accessories?  It’s a surprise isn’t it?  You’d think they’d produce their own Marine Engines but they use GM’s as a donor lump then fit it with their own range of accessories.  So if you were thinking of buying a particular unit bear in mind that GM provides the base unit, so you could just cut out the middle man and opt for a fully functioning General Motors engine in the first place.

Which one of the many Marine engines should you buy?

New Marine Engines sold through suppliers of Volvo Penta parts come in 4 cylinder, V6 and V8 models.  If you want the ultimate in power and performance V8 Marine Engines deliver a higher degree of brake horse power. In standard tune they’ll deliver 250BHP at 4400 RPM and they sound mighty meaty when you open up the throttle.  Bought new, Marine Engines are supplied as complete units that come with guarantees against mechanical failure. All parts are available to keep Marine Engines in perfect working order and with regular maintenance there’s nothing to stop the engines from delivering plenty of water-based service.

Marine engines have to be powerful, reliable and long lasting if they are to be a leading competitor in a hard fought industry. At we have the most extensive array of Volvo Penta parts!