Betty Crocker Appliances BPL-825U Betty Crocker Coffee Maker

The brand new Platinum Stainless Steel Betty Crocker coffee maker comes in a sleek and cool style that fits wonderful into any kitchen. If you’ve been trying to find a typical coffee pot which is easy to utilize and one that makes fantastic coffee, do not look any additional. The Betty Crocker coffee maker would be the ideal coffee maker that successfully blends ease of make use of and wonderful tasting coffee.

Item Description:

The Betty Crocker coffee maker comes with some great characteristics that definitely make coffee brewing quick and easy. The 12-cup capacity glass and heat resistant carafe may be the best addition to this great coffee brewer. The water level indicator makes it particularly effortless to determine if you’ve added the right quantity of water for your brewing cycle. This permits you to make ideal tasting coffee every single time.

Some of one other superb specifications that this coffee maker includes are the automatic 2-hour shutoff plus the brew-pause feature. The 2-hour shutoff is a fantastic safety feature; specifically for all those busy Moms and busy organization men who from time to time forget to shut-off the coffee maker. Now, you will not must turn around and run house to be sure which you turned it off! As well, the brew-pause function allows you to steal a cup of coffee before the brew cycle is even performed. Merely get rid of the coffee pot to activate this feature and return it to resume the cycle. All of these features are wonderful and are not typically included in a coffee maker at this price range tag!

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The non-stick warmer, the removable filter basket plus the double wall filter holder are all fantastic properties that are also included with this coffee maker. The double wall filter holder prevents flavor loss and the removable filter basket allows for very easy cleaning. The non-stick warmer also enables for effortless cleaning. Cleaning your coffee maker is now simpler than ever!


I adore how Betty Crocker is creating coffee pots! This unit is basic and easy to use however it brews my coffee just as great tasting as the Cafe. The coffee maker is affordable and it looks great in our kitchen. Not just that, it fits between my cupboard and my counter. I love this coffee maker!


One of the items that I don’t like about this coffee pot is the fact that it leaks a little if you poor the coffee. It drips onto my counter. I am unsure why it just does this oftentimes, but either way it bugs me.

The Final Verdict:

I would recommend highly this coffee maker to any person. It’s an incredible brewing system and it’s pretty inexpensive. It brews superb tasting coffee and we definitely have had no problems.

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