Investing in Wine

As an alternative to stocks and shares, some are turning to investing in wine to boost the value of their assets. The benefits of investing in wine can sometimes outweigh the returns offered from the more traditional investments. As well as wine investment, other ways to increase assets include classic cars, art, antiques, plus other collectable items.

In simple terms, investing in wine involves purchasing wine, storing it and selling it for a profit at a later date. As with traditional investments, knowledge of the market is a necessity in order to be successful in wine investment. Similarly the wine investment market is fairly complex and highly specialised therefore it is more than likely that an investor would need to seek advice from a professional wine broker to understand which wine to invest in. Professional wine brokers can give advice on the value of your current wine investment. Their input on which wines to invest in next is valuable and highly recommended.

Investing in wine is considered as a long term investment with a reasonable high capital however wine investment is in a more stable market than stocks and shares. As with any investment, the price of wine can go up or down therefore wine investment is not guaranteed to give you the return you want. The aim is to have a balanced portfolio; niche wine produced in small quantities that have a high demand from avid buyers who are willing to pay more for the wine will get a good return. Investing in wine does come with a price tag when selecting top quality wine. In addition to the wine purchase, there are costs to storing when investing in wine. Investing in wine demands years of storage costs and checking the wine is being stored correctly. If stored incorrectly, the wine investment can turn into a worthless wine collection. It is recommended that wine investment is protected with a suitable insurance cover.

People serious about investing in wine are mindful the wine purchases are purely for profit reasons and will not drink any of the wine at all. provides advice on Investing in Wine. Our company is very serious about fine wine investments and we offer our services to advice clients on what’s best. Visit our site for Wine Investment.