Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

I just got this coffeemaker as a gift and i’m genuinely thankful I got this! Although my older coffeemaker is fine, it never satisfied my coffee thirst, if you’re a coffee lover you’ll know what I mean. Has this coffeemaker given me the best coffee I have had at home? Yes! Indeed it is very genuine that now I enjoy my mornings with a superb cup of coffee! For me a coffee just gets its most beneficial taste meaning the bitter-less taste after the water has reached up to the necessary temperature that’s supposed to be greater than 190 degrees. But I am actually not right here to tell you how I feel yet what I have knowledgeable with this machine. So, lets begin with the pros of this little machine.

Although the reviews were heartbreaking and somewhat scary, my hesitation went away when I basically used this coffeemaker. Starting off with my favourite function the hot water dispenser, this dispenser basically heats the water up to 185 degrees, making it perfect for an entirely lot causes. Then from there the coffee maker side heats the water further to about 200 degrees, for me that’s the best temperature for a good morning coffee taste! Even after I add half and half the temperature allows the coffee to stay warm. Want more? No Hinge on the lid of the carafe, making life simpler, you do not have to be worried about the lid flopping around while you’re pouring your cup of coffee or even bother about the hinge from breaking.

Plus, the side of the hot water dispenser are much much larger than they look in the images, which makes it ideal for any size of the cup, be it wide mugs or tall mugs. Another feature I certainly love is the 1-4 hour adjustable auto-off setting! Also, the lights indicating the actions of the hot water dispenser work like a charm. Not only indicating about the water variations yet also about when it is time to clean the unit. I mean how good can it get?

Then again, to every good there is a bad, there are surely downsides to this machine too. Like the safety lock on the hot water side does not actually look all that safe, too simple to slide. Changing the clock settings can be actually annoying, as you need to hold the HR button for the suitable number of seconds so as to change mins or hours respectively. Another thing that bugs me is that you must replace the charcoal filters after each and every sixty days or sixty employs, whichever comes first, and all of these filters are not affordable so that kind of bugs me. A warning or more like a heads up that the 1st time you pour water into the coffe side it might look it is going to spill it but it will not, it is just an initial wrong effect, also the design of the carafe and the lid just make it hard to spill the water.

All In all I actually enjoy coffee that this coffeemaker makes for me whenever I want, in the near future I am going to get one for my mother too.

Georgette Adanas has been writing articles on Regular Coffee since 2002.