Black & Decker DLX1050W Coffee machine

The Black & Decker DLX050W is the great coffee pot of everybody. It’s simple yet powerful design manages to make any coffee drinker make ideal cafe-style coffee right from the comfort of their own house. It also permits you to get that without spending an arm and a leg or purchase a complicated and high-tech device.

Item Description:

Not just does the Black & Decker come in a simply high-quality design, it is programmable. Not lots of coffee makers can master simplicity and programmability at very much the same time. This coffee pot is excellent for someone who just wants great tasting coffee without the hassle. This coffee maker is inexpensive and so easy to utilize, everybody can make use of it.

This coffee maker contains several properties which make brewing drip coffee fast and easy. The greatest feature about this machine is that it comes with the brew-pause feature that enables you to steal a cup of coffee prior to the brew cycle is even finished. The filter basket is removable that enables for effortless cleaning. Have you ever spilled coffee grounds in the basket and wondered how you would clean it out? I know I have and now, we will not have to!

This unit also comes equip with a water level indicator and a non-stick warming plate. Now when you spill coffee, cleaning the warming location will be simple and fast. Also, the water level indicator will make sure that you add the correct quantity of water for the best brew. The Black & Decker is also programmable so that you can set it to brew your coffee to be ready for when you awake. Not only that, the auto shut-off function provides reassurance and ease of mind with this great safety feature. This 12-cup coffeemaker also consists of a soft-touch digital control panel for programming.


I love how this coffee pot is very inexpensive yet it also specifications programming. A large amount of the inexpensive coffee makers available don’t offer that. This unit is also small enough to fit between my counter leading and cupboard. Which is great because it doesn’t limit where I can place it. The fact that the basket is removable is wonderful also. When I purchased a coffee maker that didn’t have this feature and I split coffee grounds in the basket, I would have to run a few cycles with water just to clean it! That was a pain if you wanted coffee now.

This coffee maker compares favorably with delonghi 12 cup drip coffee maker


I really have no complaints about this coffee maker. It works fantastic and I love using it. The only thing that I did not like about it is that it does not have a built in coffee grinder.

The Final Verdict:

I would suggest this coffee maker to everyone. It’s ideal for those of you who just wish to make coffee and forget all of the nonsense and choices. Simply drip coffee is superb and this unit delivers that successfully .

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