Bespoke Kitchens

In the modern home, kitchens have once again become the heart of the home. This is why bespoke kitchens are once again becoming popular.

A couple of decades ago people began to separate their kitchen completely from the rest of their home. Whereas before it was the heart of the home, it was well on the way to being relegated to a mere room. However, things changed, people realised what was happening and once again added tables to their kitchen and a comfortable place to sit.

With this change in use, the kitchen once again became an important room in the minds’ of homeowners. Consequently, they were motivated to spend more money on their kitchen to turn them into a really special room.

What Bespoke Kitchens Have to Offer

Having a bespoke kitchen built gives you a kitchen that not only looks great, but also practical to use. With a bespoke kitchen, you get to choose exactly what is included in the kitchen. How many cupboards and drawers you have, and where exactly each is located is down to you.

If you want space for a range cooker and an extra hob, that is what you get. Extra storage space for chilled or frozen goods can also be built in.

Bespoke kitchens allow you to fit more into small spaces. If you do not have a lot of floor or wall space, you can have a floor to ceiling pantry built in a corner to hold all of your food and most of your pots, pans and crockery. Doing so frees up space for patio doors or a picture window to let light in and connect you to the garden.

Where to Buy Bespoke Kitchens

Some High St DIY stores claim to sell bespoke kitchens; however, when you actually sit down with the designer you often find they are not quite as bespoke as claimed. There are often limits to the dimensions of your cupboards, which forces you into having a certain layout or configuration. If you want a truly bespoke kitchen, you need to use a specialist firm.

Culshawbell build truly bespoke kitchens. Their team of specialist carpenters and tradesmen and women will build you the kitchen of your dreams.