Diamond Engagement Rings Mean the World

In the western world and many other parts of the world, the giving of diamond engagement rings is seen as the norm. An engagement ring without a diamond just does not cut it.

In any woman’s life, or for that matter man’s life, getting engaged is a momentous moment. The giving of an engagement ring symbolises to everyone the man’s commitment to his soon to be wife. Therefore, the monetary value of that ring in many people’s eyes reflects his level of commitment.

The Size of the Diamond

The ring does not have to be big, but it needs to have cost the man giving it a significant amount of money. For a man who does not earn much giving a ring that costs £300 is, for him, a significant outlay and people realise this and do not judge him badly for doing so. However, if a man who earns several hundred thousand pounds a year were to do the same, the impression left would be quite different. He would be viewed negatively and as not being serious about the relationship.

This means that the physical size of the diamonds it not as important as the fact the ring includes them. Even in modern society, diamonds have a special relevance and significance.

The Symbolism of Diamond Engagement Rings

Most people have heard the saying ‘a diamond is forever’, and this is what people genuinely believe. A man who gives his betrothed diamonds, is serious; he is committed to their relationship. He wants their relationship to endure, to be forever. On top of that, the beauty of the stone and its durability give it special significance too. The fact that the stone is so strong and never wears out, symbolises the hope that the couple’s relationship will be equally as strong and that it too will last a lifetime.

Diamond engagement rings look set to continue to have special significance and relevance. Diamonds are still the most precious and expensive stones on earth, and whilst they remain so this beautiful stone will continue to have special significance.

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