S.A. Lumber has a selection of some of the most affordable and diverse wood for sale

Are you looking for a reputable retailer that can offer you a selection of some of the finest wood for sale anywhere in the UK? If so then there is only one retailer to consider and that is S.A. Lumber (Pty) Limited.

S.A. Lumber (Pty) Limited was founded in 1982 as a sister company to FG Hoffmann (Pty) Limited. The principal purpose for the formation of this business was to position itself as a wood for sale merchant whom could distribute timber to large volume end-users, merchants and consumers.

Our expansive wood for sale merchants operates from a large warehousing facility in Cape Town, and Johannesburg. These wood for sale premises allow us a nationwide distribution network so, no matter where your business is located we can deliver wood for sale to you in a timely and efficient manner.

Here at S.A. Lumber the wood for sale that we can offer you is as diverse as it will surely provide the perfect addition to most any environment that you choose to install it in. We have a selection of woods in a palette of different colours. Whether you have designs on installing soft red flooring or prefer a rich mahogany, our S.A. Lumber has exquisite flooring that will surely make any room look inviting.

As testament to the superiority of products in 2005 we saw the advent of HOFFTIM. As a registered timber brand HOFFTIM enabled architects and designers to specify this wood for sale as their product of choice. In 2006 S.A. Lumber expanded its portfolio to include so much more than wood for sale. Today, we are able to offer MDF, Plywood and Melamine as part of the comprehensive designs.

Should you wish to browse through the complete selection of wood S.A. Lumber wood suppliers offers, or to contact us and discuss your bespoke requirements then you need just come to our website at: www.salumber.co.za.


If you are looking for wood for sale you needn’t look any further than salumber.co.za, as we are quality wood suppliers that can meet all your needs. Visit us today for more information!