Arken LED Poster Lightboxes

If you want to display posters, you cannot go wrong with Arken LED poster lightboxes. Arken sells a huge range, which means that they have a light box, which is suitable for your needs.

Why Arken LED Poster Lightboxes Are so Good

The main reason that Arken LED poster lightboxes are so good is that Arken have been making display equipment to be used by the retail and advertising industries for decades. They design the majority of the products that they sell. This means that they have come up with many innovative extra features. They truly understand the needs of retailers because they have decades of experience. In addition, they control the entire manufacturing process, which ensures that all the products that they provide are of top quality. Their products are truly built to last and to do their job reliably with the minimum of maintenance. Because their lightboxes are all made in the UK you are supporting UK industry by buying their products.

Their lihghtboxes have a slim profile, which means that they can be hung in places other light boxes cannot be. They have a snap frame, which makes it easy to change your posters. They are guaranteed to have at least five years life. They have been specifically designed to use a low level of energy so are very green display option. In addition, Arken provides full customer support either over the telephone or via e-mail.

Their units are designed to be an average of £80 cheaper to run than standard fluorescent tube light boxes. If you are running 10 light boxes, you can save yourself £800 a year by using Arken LED poster lightboxes. Their smaller lightboxes will pay for themselves within a year of your buying and running one.

Where to Buy Arken LED Poster Lightboxes

You can only buy Arken LED poster lightboxes direct from them. The easiest way to do so is to visit their website. Alternatively, you can ring them and speak to them about the range that they have to offer. If you wish, they will send you details of their products via the post.


To see the full range of Arken LED poster lightboxes visit their website. They sell them in 5 different sizes from A4 to 40 x 30.