Is Leasing a Car For You?

If you need a car and think you cannot afford one it is well worth looking into the idea of leasing one. Over the past few years, many new companies have entered the market and the cost of leasing has fallen considerably. Today, leasing a car is a great option that works well for all kinds of people.

One of the mayor changes is the fact that it is now very easy to arrange a short term car lease. It is now possible to lease a car from as little as three months. Previously, you would have had to lock yourself into a 2-5 year contract now that is not necessary.

The Cost of Leasing a Car

Leasing a car can be a cheap way of running a car. Prices start at as little as £120 a month including VAT. Usually the cost of road tax is included and many companies include breakdown cover. Many firms will also service the car for you. In most cases, you are only responsible for the cost of insurance and products like tyres.

The best firms offer a fixed price for the lease, but not all do, so this is definitely something you have to double check. However, even if the cost of the lease per month is fixed for the whole time period of the lease if VAT goes up during that time you will be charged for it.

The Advantages of Leasing a Car

You can lease anything from a small hatchback to a seven-seater car. There are also plenty of luxury cars available. You get to use a brand new car for a fixed cost per month. This ensures that you have access to a reliable car at a good price, which makes budgeting for your motoring costs much easier.

If you choose the right lease, someone else has to worry about taxing and servicing your car. Some firms are very flexible about their leases. If you want a bigger car a year into the lease, they will simply change the car for you and just charge you the difference.


If you are looking for a short term car lease visit the Flexxilease website. They offer leases from 3 to 24 months at great prices.


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