The Beauty of Woven Rings

If you are looking for a special ring that looks a bit different, you cannot go far wrong with a woven or braided ring. They are truly beautiful, very different, but not radically so. Therefore, they will suit practically anyone from any age group.

Types of Woven or Braided Rings

There are several different kinds of woven rings available. They are not to be confused with rings made up of several solid bands linked together. As the name suggests a woven ring is made out of, what is effectively, strings or thin ropes of precious metals that have been weaved together into intricate patterns.

There are hundreds of different designs available. Some jewellers stretch gold and other precious metals out so thinly that they form fine threads of gold. These threads are then twisted together to form what looks like a cord made from gold. The cord is then usually woven or braided together to produce the final ring. It takes real skill and a lot of time to make a ring like this.

Some jewellers even take precious metals pulled out to threads and weave them into what looks like cloth. This is then used for rings and cuff bracelets. Sometimes the thread made from the precious metal is combined with expensive natural threads like silk and woven together into jewellery. This jewellery is much more flexible and comfortable to wear. Oddly, it is also more durable than cloth made purely from precious metals.

Modern jewellery designers are increasingly interweaving other materials into their woven jewellery. This allows them to add colour to woven jewellery. This modern twist is very popular. It is a particularly popular look for younger jewellery fans. Women who want a piece of jewellery to accessorise their outfits also like having a few of these pieces in their jewellery collection.

Braided Wedding Rings

Woven gold rings make the perfect wedding ring. They not only look beautiful they also have a powerful symbolism. A marriage is the uniting of two people in a union that is made strong and powerful by the fact their two lives weave together. A gold woven ring is the perfect physical representation of this kind of union.


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