How to Paint Like a Pro

Many people often make the mistake of slapping a bit of paint on the brush and head straight to the walls. However, when it comes to painting, preparation is key to the perfect finish.

Clean the Walls
Before you start painting, make sure your walls are clean from dust, grease and dirt. Simply add a bit of dishwashing detergent into clean water and use a cellulose sponge to apply. You should then rinse away any soap residue with clean but different water.

Tape Trims
Masking tape is the perfect way to get a smooth and even finish against trims, window frames and doorframes. You can apply this a week in advance to the task, but you should remove the tapes immediately once you’ve finished painting; otherwise, it will dry against the wall and you could end up peeling the dried paint off.

Prepare the Walls
Preparing the walls doesn’t just mean washing and adding a bit of tape. You should add a base layer to maximise the sheen of the paint and the paint coverage – this undercoat is called primer paint and it is available from reputable decorating suppliers.

The Paint Brush
Paint the trims using paintbrushes before you start painting the wall’s body. Opt for a two inch angle brush so you can add paint to the areas your roller can’t. However, for windows and doorframes add a few inches to the brush.
The W Technique
Start in the corner of the wall and roll on a three foot W pattern in its centre and then fill in the space without lifting the roller. Repeat this action in sections until the wall is covered, making sure you only paint one wall at a time.

Paint the Trim
Before you paint the trim, you should ensure that the wall is completely dry. As soon as it is then you should tape where the trim meets the wall and this will provide you with an even finish that you can be proud of.