A Guide To Buying by Body Type

Having the perfect outfit is simply not enough in the style stakes. Nowadays, a man needs to also ensure that he is wearing the right kind of clothing for his body type; whether he is wearing a suit or is styled in a more casual look, such as a key piece of men’s knitwear and some chinos.

Luckily, the fashion experts of the sartorial world have come up trumps with some stellar advice to ensure that you not only look sensational in your suit, but that you also feel sophisticated too.

If you are tall
• Opt for a patterned fabric, such as a subtle check to add width to your frame
• Horizontal lines on men’s knitwear look great on tall men
• Detail on suit jackets or trousers should be a little larger than usual to ensure you look in proportion

If you are short
• Avoid too much detail in patterns
• Choose horizontal lines, such as cabled knitwear or pinstripe suits, which will add and illusion of length to your silhouette
• A matching colour on top and bottom will help to create a sense of height in your outfit too, and will leave you feeling sharp and sophisticated

If you are slim
• Texture is the key to adding volume to a slim frame, so chunky knitwear or tweed work well
• Paying attention to the fit of a suit by ensuring that it is neither too slim-cut nor too loose will also help to create a more balanced shape

If you are of a larger build
• Dark block colours on men’s knitwear also look great and will be less likely to draw attention to areas that you may wish to detract from
• V-neck styles of jackets and knitwear will also make the torso and chest seem longer

By shopping for clothes that suit your body type, you can be sure that your wardrobe will be filled with timeless, classic looks that make you look and feel confident and stylish.