Evening Dresses – A Quick Guide for Mature Shoppers

These days there are a number of great fashion lines catering to all ages. You can find some wonderful evening dresses that offer style and glamour for the over 50’s in the high street stores and also online. There is so much choice now there is no longer any excuse for feeling frumpy when you go out.

Evening Dresses

If you want to look sophisticated and stylish when you wear evening dresses as a mature woman then you will need to be realistic about your look. Unless you are very lucky it is unlikely you will have the figure of your youth. You may benefit from covering up certain areas and focusing attention on your best assets.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun choosing evening dresses and finding an attractive style that suits you though:

Strapless Gowns – these can look amazing and create an elegant, sexy look. The great thing about a strapless gown is that it can draw attention to your bust and accentuate your feminine beauty. If you are going to expose a lot of skin on top then cover up your legs a bit more. Choose a longer cut gown that hits you mid-calf or reaches the floor. Short skirts with bare strapless tops can be a bit too much for any age.

Ruffles – don’t be afraid to opt for a few embellishments on evening dresses. As long as you don’t go too mad ruffles can be a great way to add a little sparkle to hemlines, necklines or capped sleeves.

Metallic Fabrics – there are some lovely metallic effect evening dresses in the stores at the moment. Bronze, copper, silver and gold add a lovely shiny shimmer to dresses and can be very glamorous for that special evening event.

Patterns – a bold pattern can help you stand out from the crowd. Bold patterns really suit mature woman as they generally have the confidence and self-possession to pull these big styles off. If you are going to be wearing a bold pattern on evening dresses then play down your accessories and choose plain tones that accentuate the colours of your dress without trying to compete with them.

There are plenty of stylish and elegant evening dresses available for the more mature shopper. This means you should be able to find the perfect dress for any important events.