What style of skirt is right for you?

Skirts should be a wardrobe staple of any woman, but the style that’s right for you will depend on a whole range of different factors. Your body shape will always come into it, but after that you’ll need to consider the occasion, the level of formality you’re looking for and your general tastes and preferences, so just which style is right for you? Here are just a few options to help you make up your mind:

• Pencil skirt. The classic pencil skirt should be a vital addition to any wardrobe—a fitted, tailored design, the pencil skirt hugs the hips and generally falls knee-length or below.

• Mini skirt. What it says on the tin—the mini skirt is short and sweet.

• Midi skirts. Midi skirts are calf-length creations that can come in a range of designs.

• Maxi skirt. The ever-popular maxi skirt (a must for the summer) is cool and casual, with a flowing design that swings around the ankles.

• Peplum skirt. The peplum skirt is big this season—a fitted skirt topped with a shorter overlay, this look is ideal for nights out.

• Waterfall skirt. A waterfall skirt is a kind of asymmetrical hem skirt, with a shorter hemline at the front that tapers at the back, normally created with lighter materials.

• A-line skirt. The A-line skirt is another wardrobe staple, subtly flaring out from the waist to almost resemble a letter A.

• Tulip skirt. Resembling an upside down tulip, this skirt is often created with two panels overlapping in the front.

These are just a few of the most popular styles of skirt available. Some are more suitable for formal occasions (pencil skirts and A-line skirts are great for work, for example), others will be ideal for a night out (tulip and peplum creations) whilst others are great for a casual look or a lazy day at the beach, so why not see what style works for you? Get out there and try some and you could have a new favourite before you know it.

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