Bags and Your Health

Bags and purses are wonderful things. Yet, if you do not look after them in the right way they can also have an effect on your health. Not only can a bag that is over filled cause muscles and joints to be affected, but many are also a hive for germs if they are not cleaned or treated accordingly.

When you think about it, the problems are obvious – we use our bags in all environments from public bathrooms to the great outdoors. As such, items are likely to become dirty very easily. Therefore, regular cleaning of your is a must, remembering that some of those germs might not be visible to the naked eye and therefore focussing on the whole bag and not just areas that look dirty.

The first thing to do is to avoid placing bags on the floor in areas such as bathrooms and, even outside, it may be best to try to keep your bag on your lap rather than on the grass. Of course, there will be times when you cannot avoid placing a bag or purse down in such an environment, but even then it will simply be a case of wiping down your purses regularly.

Any bag you use should be filled sensibly if you wish to avoid too much strain on your shoulders and back. In the majority of cases, reducing the load will be the best approach, removing unnecessary items before you venture out, but simply choosing a more suitable bag can also make a major difference. Longer straps are likely to cause more problems and those with a bag that sits much higher up on the body will see fewer physical injuries, no matter how heavy the contents.

However, you may also simply place the bag across your body to more evenly distribute the weight. However, even then, do not rely on just one shoulder to take the burden, but instead regularly swap to ensure each side of your body takes an even amount of the weight.

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