Artist creates unusual handbags

When people are on the lookout for new handbags and purses, they often go for versions that feel soft and luxurious. For example, leather is a popular choice. However, one man has been creating bags out of stone.

Artist Hirotoshi has been wowing his fans by producing carvings that look like everyday objects, such as handbags, the Sun reports. He spends up to a month making each piece and as well as bags, he has crafted teddy bears, fish bones, a jumper and playing cards, among other things.

The talented individual collects granite, marble and other types of rock from the Azusa river bank near his home in Nagano, Japan.

Once he has the rocks, he sets to work carving them with a sandblaster and a diamond tipped tool. Diamond is one of the hardest natural materials known to man, so it is very useful in situations like this.

Meanwhile, Hirotoshi sells his creations for around £700 and the pieces vary in size from very small to several metres in length.

Commenting on his art, the 54-year-old said: “Many of the things I sculpt are used in everyday life but are often taken for granted. I wanted to fossilise them.”

He added: “My family business is masonry so it made sense to work in stone, which is rarely used in Japan but has a sense of charm. People who see my work think it is creepy but cool.”

According to the Sun, he has been a stone mason for more than three decades.

Purchasing stone handbags and purses may not be easy, but when people are after leather versions, or indeed leather diaries and other such items, they can simply head online. These days, it is straightforward and quick for consumers to find and purchase bags, leather diaries and so on over the web.

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