Stylish and Practical Yoga Wear Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

With the trend for sports inspired clothing sweeping the catwalk and high street sportswear is having a reinvention. But what about practical comfortable sports wear that you can exercise in?

Yoga and pilates may seem like low-impact sports but in actually fact they require stamina, balance and core strength. Wearing suitable clothing for any sport will increase comfort levels but this is especially important when doing yoga or pilates. It is vital to wear clothing that allows movement when changing positions and isn’t too tight or rigid. The range of yoga wear available has improved in recent years and yoga wear no longer has to mean boring sweat pants and an unflattering baggy t-shirt. Stylish practical yoga wear that allows your skin to breathe while you are working out will take you from the gym to lunch with friends. Practical doesn’t have to mean black, there are a number of specialist yoga wear companies who design bright and colourful yoga wear.

We all want to look our best and there is no reason why you can’t look stylish at the gym in bright fashionable yoga wear. Loungewear is perfect when you want to be comfortable and relaxed at home or out meeting friends. Lounge wear such as a cashmere wrap cardigan when paired with slim fit yoga pants and a bright top is dressed up enough to take you from the gym to lunch or for a trip to the spa with friends. Well fitting quality yoga wear and loungewear will last for years and could prove some of the hardest working clothes in your wardrobe. The fit is key when it comes to purchasing yoga wear, you want it to be snug enough not to move around when you are doing classes but soft and comfortable so as not to restrict you in any way. The quality of the material is something else to check you don’t want your new yoga clothing to be out of shape after a few washes.

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