Lightweight body armour protects officers in hostile situations

The UK is a very safe country, but it isn’t completely free from the threat of armed criminals and terrorists. The vast majority of police officers are able to work on their beats every day without the need for body armour. They deal with ordinary issues and help to keep the peace. However, when hostile situations develop crack teams of officers have to be deployed. These guys have specialised training and access to firearms and additional protection to help keep them safer when they’re in the line of fire.

The terror threat to the mainland has increased in recent times. There’s a new generation of terrorist with potential access to explosives, arms and weapons. If a situation blows up then officers have to act quickly to defuse the threat and keep the public safe. Innocent lives are at stake. Bullet proof vests are a must in this kind of situation. These brave men and women sign up to put themselves in the firing line. The very least they need is the right equipment to protect them in hostile situations.

Thankfully a terror alert is a rare event, but the threat from armed criminals is ever present. Whether it’s a gang related situation spiralling out of control or an armed robbery, bullet proof vests can prove invaluable in these kind of situations. With huge amounts of money at stake, ruthless criminals will stop at nothing to get away with the proceeds of their activities. When firearms are wielded at the police body armour can make all of the difference.

No one wants to see heavily armoured police on the streets. It sends the wrong kind of message. Modern technology has helped to create armour that is lightweight and subtle. It gives the officers the freedom to move around easily and doesn’t alarm the public.