Lighten the Mood

Brightness generated by lights can alleviate the tone in any household room or outdoor area to instil ambience in addition to replacing natural sunlight with electrical or power-generated lights when night falls. Light can be linked to psychology and physiology traits as a person’s mood, performance, and productivity can be determined by the quantity and type of light subjected to. While each individual’s natural reaction may differ, sunlight can be a natural mood enhancer which increases the personal feeling to become more productive and acts as the prime get-up-and-go motivation vehicle. This is in contrast to the low, mundane feelings a person can generate when the weather is overcast.

Lighting within the household can also produce the same effects. Introverts and extroverts differentiate within their reaction to light, so while fairy lights may aesthetically appeal to one person, another may be easily distracted and worn out through levels of brightness. Productive mental activity can increase or decrease depending on sensory stimulation generated from lighting within a room which influences performance and mental state of mind. From reading with a bedside tea light to working in the dark using a computer screen glow to influence productivity, the affect of light varies from each person.

Combined with colours, lighting can be a determining factor within mood alteration which can add an increased or decreased tone throughout each room. Aside for main light systems within households, purchasing coloured fairy lights and tea lights can make a significant difference to ambience and aesthetics. Integrating warm colours such as red, yellow, or orange can induce a person’s creativity through stimulation of concentration thus alleviating tiredness. Within mood stimulus, the traditional white light can produce purity and peace, while other options blue and purple generate tranquillity and spirituality respectively.

Lights can be integrated inside and outside the household, with a well-lit walkway to a property entrance a fine example of how to elevate a welcoming mood before entering a house.


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