Demand for smartphone replacement batteries may be high

Demand for replacement batteries for smartphones may be particularly high at present in the UK. New figures show that the popularity of these items has soared and a very high percentage of consumers now own them. Sometimes, the batteries of these devices break or go missing, meaning new rechargeable batteries are needed.

YouGov research commissioned on behalf of Kaspersky Lab revealed that 93 per cent of people polled owned a smartphone. This was significantly higher than the 64 per cent of respondents who owned a desktop computer.

Meanwhile, it seems consumers are getting plenty of use out of their handsets. The survey found that many people now reach for their smartphones ahead of their computers when they are looking things up online. Nearly eight in ten consumers (78 per cent) used their phones first.

Commenting on the findings, UK sales and marketing director at Kaspersky Lab Lee Sharrocks said: “Traditional desktop computers are slowly in decline as more people turn to their smartphone or tablet.”

Meanwhile, issuing security tips to consumers, he added: “The simplest way to protect your smartphone or tablet is to use a complete protection package.”

His advice may be of interest to many people. The poll found that relatively few individuals had installed security software onto their smartphones. Of those questioned, only 19 per cent had made use of anti-virus protection for their mobiles.

When people are on the lookout for extras for their phones, whether they need security add-ons, replacement batteries or anything else, they often head online. By using the web to source rechargeable batteries and so on, they stand to access better deals.

Also, purchasing products and services over the internet can also be more convenient for consumers, many of whom lead busy and stressful lives, leaving them with little time for shopping trips.

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