Pop Up Ingenuity

The concept of using your entire store as a marketing device is not new. All retail designers know of this importance and how the correct technique can create a loyal customer base. Nevertheless, if your brand was redesigned this would often cause in-store mayhem and confusion in the customer over the brand’s identity. With the advent of pop up shops, it seems that such steadfast and monolithic ideas about brand identity have been challenged, resulting in a much more fluid type of branding.

Pop up shops are basically a short term shop that opens for a period then closes. That period could be as long as months, or as short as 1 day. But what about retail design? Nobody is going to want to invest in expensive interior design for such a short term investment. The solution is ingenious. By using a cost effective retail design company with experience in creating pop up shops the result can do wonders for the dissemination of your brand. Many shops open to coincide with particular events or seasons and theme themselves accordingly. Temporary shops have opened to support film releases with interiors that are exactly in tune with the movie. Other shops allow the customers to decorate the shop themselves by encouraging them to write or draw on the walls, thus leaving their mark on the shop and the shop’s mark on them. Others are used to sell very limited edition runs of clothes that will never be commercially available again.

This type of shop really tests the creativity of the retail designers, and because its only a short term investment it is easy to budget for. Even with a modest amount of foresight, a temporary shop can make maximum use of a short lived trend which instantly satisfies consumer demand.



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