Don’t Let Cupid’s Arrow Hit Your Wallet This Valentine’s Day

How buying wholesale Valentine’s flowers can help your
romantic life and not break the bank

It only comes around once a year, but you will hear it for a year if you don’t do it right: Valentine’s Day.

“Out of all the holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day ranks number one for fresh flower purchases, and those flower purchases account for almost half the amount of all money spent on Valentine’s Day gifts,”states Richard, General Manager of American Floral Distributors.

“An average red rose Valentine’s bouquet will cost you – at a minimum – seventy-five dollars. At American Floral Distributors, a customer can purchase a bunch – which is twenty-five roses – of wholesale eighteen to twenty inch roses for forty dollars. That is twice the amount of roses for just about half the cost.”

One thing to remember when purchasing wholesale flowers is that they come without any special wrapping or vases, but, says Richard, “with a little creativity and five minutes of your time, you can make your Valentine’s wholesale flowers look like they just came from your local florist. And they’ll be more fresh and last longer than FTD.”

In fact, wholesale and bulk flowers are just as fresh – if not more fresh – than the florist’s. Why?

“The process is simple and straightforward,” says Richard. “In the florist distributor chain, the flowers go from the grower to the importer to the wholesaler and then finally to the florist. This takes anywhere from 8-17 days off the life of the flower.”

Example A:

Grower —>(3 days) Importer—->(2-4 days) Wholesaler —>(2-5 days) Florist —>(1-5 days) Final Customer
Total days out: 8-17 days Remaining life span: 3-5 days

“At American Floral Distributors, our flowers are cut in the ‘bud’ stage at our partner farms and shipped that way directly to the customer. Upon arrival, the customer will need to do some minor caring for the flowers as per the enclosed instructions and allow about twenty-four hours for the flowers to open. By going through a flower wholesaler like American Floral Distributors, your wholesale Valentine’s flowers will last 3 to 4 times longer than a florist’s,” says Richard.

Example B:
Grower —>(3 days) Final Customer
Total days out: 3 Remaining life span: 12-17 days

For those who don’t have the time to assemble a Valentine’s bouquet, American Floral Distributors also has a variety of pre-made Valentine bouquets from which to choose.

“Our pre-made bouquets also come straight from our growers’ farms, and make it very easy to give roses – or any other flowers – as a gift, without sacrificing the life of the flowers – or your wallet.”

Richard summarizes with this: “Our job here at American Floral Distributors is to make sure we get you the perfect wholesale flowers for what ever you need them for. And if we keep you out of the dog house, that’s our bonus.”

About American Floral Distributors: established in 2005, American Floral Distributors is the leading online wholesale flowers company serving the public and retailers directly with the largest selection of exquisite flowers in every color and shape shipped directly from the growers.