Surprise someone special with personalised cards

Everyone likes to be made a fuss of and feel special on their birthday. It only rolls around once a year, so when friends and family make the effort to buy cards and presents it’s always nice. The lazy option of course is just to send a text or update social media, but that’s hardly the same thing as receiving birthday cards in the post. That takes a little more time, thought and imagination, but it’s a gesture that people always appreciate. Getting a card in the post is so much nicer than the usual bills and junk mail.

Personalised cards take the concept of greetings cards one stage further. Shop bought cards are just standard designs. Some are funny, some are artistic, but essentially they are all pretty much the same. However, thanks to the Internet people can now design and create their own cards, exactly the they want them. Just by taking an old photo or picture, they can create heart warming personalised cards that will really make someone’s day.

Birthday cards like this are easy to put together, no design skills required. Thanks to simple to use software available on sites like, anyone can put together a fabulous and fun greetings card to send to someone on their special day. Just imagine the look on their face when they open up a card that has been designed just for them. It’s so much fun to do and recipients will appreciate someone going the extra mile to create their very own card.

So when the birthday of a close friend or family member is about to come around again, be sure to surprise them with a lovely gesture like this. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special and a picture card is just so easy to put together.



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