Thousands of royal diamonds on display

These days, there are many diamonds available for consumers to choose from. Whether people are after princess cut diamond engagement rings or any other kind of item, they should not struggle to find it.

Those looking for inspiration when it comes to products like this may be among those heading to Buckingham Palace to take a look at a very special exhibition being staged there. The display features more than 10,000 diamonds, meaning it is likely to be a magnet for jewellery enthusiasts. It previously opened for just over a week from June 30th until July 8th and its doors are set to swing open again at the end of this month. The exhibition will then remain accessible until October 7th.

Unsurprisingly, the display was arranged to mark the Queen’s 60th year on the throne and is one of many celebrations taking place this year. It features jewels that the monarch wears regularly at official functions both within the UK and abroad.

Commenting on the exhibition, curator Caroline de Guitaut said it is intended to “show how rulers have used diamonds as visible signs of wealth and power”, Reuters reports.

She added that the crowns, tiaras, rings, earrings, swords and snuff box on display are priceless. Ms de Guitaut went on to remark: “We have tried to showcase some of the most important diamonds in royal possession.” No doubt some of the many jewels are princess cut diamonds of various kinds.

The Queen was consulted on which of her diamonds would be showcased before the display was unveiled.

One of the items on show is Queen Victoria’s small diamond crown, which features an impressive total of more than 1,100 diamonds. After her husband Prince Albert’s death in 1861, she marked her diamond jubilee wearing mourning clothes. According to Reuters, colourless stones like diamonds were the perfect adornment to such an outfit.

The news source added that “perhaps the most impressive display” is the one that contains seven of the nine major stones cut from the largest rough diamond ever found, the Cullinan Diamond. Discovered in South Africa in 1905 it was presented to King Edward VII in its rough state. He decided to have it cut and polished. It produced nine principle diamonds and 96 small versions.

Once this process was completed, the two main gems were set in the Sovereign’s Scepter and Imperial State Crown.

Meanwhile, the royal who’s jewellery is most represented in the display is Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother Queen Mary. According to Reuters, she “clearly had a passion for jewellery”. One of her items was a snuff box made originally for Frederick II of Prussia and his court.

Of course, most consumers do not have the budgets of major royals to spend when they are looking for princess cut diamond engagement rings. However, by heading online, they may be able to find princess cut diamonds and other items that fall within their prices ranges. Indeed, shopping online in this way is becoming increasingly popular among people in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

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