Moving from Favourite Football Bets



There are lots of ways to place a bet on football and most people have their favourite type of bet which they stick rigidly to even if they have had little success with it. Sometimes taking a look at the way stakes are being placed can bring about much better results. Some games are more open to chance than others and this can ruin a punter’s chance of winning. Knowing what kind of bet to place can improve someone’s chances of winning immensely.

First Scorer and Final Score

This is a favourite bet placed by many football lovers, but there are some games feature too many proven goal scorers to make it worth betting on. The other problem with this kind of bet is that you can have all your hopes dashed in the first few minutes if the wrong player scores. A good alternative is to choose the last scorer and the result. You can see more usually see more options when looking online than a bookmaker will have on display in their shop. Online betting at Bet Victor offers lots of different markets like this and it’s a got a clear interface which makes everything easy to find.

Win, Lose or Draw

This is probably the most popular betting system where someone chooses whether there will be a home win, draw or away win. These are found in all betting shops and they are often on printed sheets with all the games to be played that day or week. This is always going to be a good way of picking an accumulator, but there are definite advantages to choosing the teams online. A website will offer information about the teams and their form at the click of a button. This can change a bet from one team leaving you down in to a winner.

Choosing the Best Bookmaker

Familiarity breeds complacency and this happens too often with bookmakers and their customers. If someone realised that they could get better odds in another bookmakers they would use that bookmakers. People who use online betting at Bet Victorhave found that they have got consistently better odds throughout the football season.