Have A Bet On Racing At Bet Victor

In order to have a bet on racing at Bet Victor and ensure that you enjoy your flutter you should ensure that you have at least a reasonable understanding of the betting process including the types of bet that you can place. At first glance, the world of horse racing betting can seem confusing, but with a little knowledge you can start to place win bets, each ways, and even tricast predictions for each of your chosen horses. The simplest bet type is the win bet.


A win bet is the simplest type of bet you can place. It means that you choose a particular horse in a chosen race and bet on them beating all other horses to the finishing line. You will be offered a price and, if your horse is successful you receive your stake back plus you receive winnings equivalent to your stake multiplied by the winning odds.


When you bet on a horse to win you will be offered the choice of whether to take the prices that you are shown or to bet on starting prices. Horse odds can, and typically do, change before the start of a race. While you ordinarily need to take a chance on which prices will prove the most profitable, when you have a bet on racing at Bet Victor this is not necessarily the case.


Bet Victor offers best odds guaranteed. This means that you will be given whichever odds are better; either the early prices available when you placed your bet, or the starting price when the horses start running. If the odds move in or get shorter you will be given the early price and if the odds go out, or get longer, you will be given starting prices so you will always enjoy value from the odds.


The win bet is the simplest of all bets but it is also the one that is most commonly taken. You will find early prices on the majority of races and, as well as UK races, you can bet on meetings from all over the world offering you even more opportunity to have a flutter.


When you  have a bet on racing at Bet Victor you are guaranteed the best odds, out of either the starting or early prices. You can also watch a race you have bet on live on the Bet Victor website.