Bet With Bet Victor

More and more people are deciding to bet with Bet Victor. There are several reasons for this.

Why Bet With Bet Victor?

When you bet with Bet Victor, you gain access to an amazing array of betting products. You can bet on sporting events from across the world. Unlike some other online betting firms, Bet Victor have been bookies for decades.

The company began in 1925 on the High Street running a franchised bookie shop, but in 1946, they set up independently. From that point on the company took an innovative approach to betting looking for new ways to offer their customers something extra. A philosophy that continues today, and is reflected by the breadth and depth of the betting services they offer. They have over half a million customers from 160 countries who bet with them on a regular basis.

The firm prides itself on offering value for money as well as a personal service. They were one of the first betting firms to move to Gibraltar, so their customers could benefit from not having to pay the UK’s 9% betting tax. This tax was abolished in 2001; many in the industry credit Victor Chandler with being a major influence in the abolition of this unpopular tax.

The company were also pioneers when it came to internet betting they were amongst the first to offer their customers the chance to bet online. Time and again Bet Victor have demonstrated that they do what it takes to look after their customers and are not afraid of investing in something new to do so.

They have a well-deserved reputation for never refusing a bet. For this reason, Bet Victor is known as ‘The Gentleman Bookmaker’. The size and scope of the company does not prevent them from offering a tailored service too. This personal touch is appreciated by customers from all walks of life.

Signing up to Bet With Bet Victor

Setting up an account to allow you to bet with Bet Victor is extremely easy to do. The process is designed so that you can set up your account and be placing bets within minutes.


Sign up to  bet with Bet Victor and begin to benefit from their innovative, fun and cost effective betting services.


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