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Ola Kallenius,the chairman of Mercedes’ AMG division, was interviewed by Motor Pattern in its July issue.If some of you are nonetheless not aware, Ola Kaellenius changed Volker Mornhinweg,the previous chairman of AMG. Volker Mornhinweg was transferred towards the truck division where he still holds the same publish till these days.Together with his expertise from operating in Alabama as well as other tasks such as the SLS McLaren project when he was the managing director for Mercedes-Benz Higher Efficiency Engines,it had been no shock when he was promoted to be the chairman.Nonetheless,Motor trend seeked to ask him a couple of concerns about the newest tasks which AMG was working on and to make clear much more concerning the new AMG services which were to become introduced with the more recent designs particularly the A-class design.Motor pattern started by inquiring him whether or not they prepared on basing another car around the rumored A-Class idea.From his response, it was quite clear they were indeed taking it into consideration prior to creating a final decision and actions on working on that.He also added on stating that they were expanding the line up below the current entry point that is the C-class.The subsequent query usually focused the well-known torque steer which a majority of AMG based Mercedes models always exhibit.The authoritative and nicely spoken Ola Kaellenius defended the brand name by stating that AMG services are usually known to deliver quality engineering to the people.Adding on to that,he boldly stated that AMG would never permit any of its vehicles to possess an inferior chassis which would compromise the very essence of what AMG continuously strives to achieve,perfection.Ola also fifty percent jokingly said,”We’d consider that stunning thing and transfer it around the track in an interesting way”,which simply indicates that they would do constant screening in order to enhance on the torque steer issue that has grappled numerous of its designs.Although AMG is constantly phased with this particular problem of torque steer,it always compensates by producing vehicles with much more and much more power and that is why it always stays ahead of the game.Last but not minimum,the most important question was asked.The question touched on the most delicate problem of all,the environment.Motor pattern asked him how AMG like an unit was dealing with the U.S. CAFE and also the European CO2 standards?He responded by saying that they had been using all the AMG services and resources at their disposal to meet a particular objective.The objective,he explained additional,emanated from the strategy they place forward in early 2008.The technique was called Performance 2015 and targeted to reduce CO2 emissions by thirty % from their autos by 2012 and an additional 20 % by 2015.Ola also pointed out by giving examples of the CLS 63 AMG that they had been utilizing all of the available AMG services and technical know how to increase effectiveness.He emphasised around the significance of enhancing efficiency in all of its in- class models and therefore lead into a greener atmosphere.

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