SUP Paddle – Top 10 Reasons SUP paddle Boarders Love Sticky Bumps

Every stand up paddle surfing expert knows that waxing up both his SUP surfing board and his SUP paddle is an essential part of have a great day out on the waves. fiber paddles can be great fun, but it’s considerably less so if you keep slipping off your fiber paddles board because you can’t get a good grip on it with your feet.

Sticky Bumps wax is one of the best friends of the paddleboard surfing expert. While there are plenty of surfboard waxes out there, Sticky Bumps still makes it to the top of our list every time. Here are ten reasons SUP paddle boarders love Sticky Bumps.

Quality: Sticky Bumps wax is made from top quality materials. When it comes to fiber paddles, it’s important that the wax you use to grease up your board is just sticky enough but not too sticky. It also doesn’t hurt if it lasts a while on the surface of your board so that you don’t have to keep putting on new coats. Sticky Bumps fiber paddles wax gets stellar marks in all of these categories thanks to the quality materials from which it is made.

Innovation: Sticky Bumps was the first surfboard wax company to use a base made from something other than paraffin for both their cold and warm water waxes. This led to increased traction and a formula that was more durable. We salute their innovation and their ability to think outside the box.

User-Friendliness: Sticky Bumps wax is some of the easiest wax to use and can be applied to your board with little effort.

Variety: Sticky Bumps offers a large selection of temperature variations that can suit the harshest climates from both extremes.

Best Temperature Alignment: Each type of Sticky Bumps wax aligns perfectly with the temperature conditions for which it was made.

Paddle Wax: Sticky Bumps makes some of the only wax for paddles for sale that we know of. Although regular paddles might be able to get away with simple surfboard wax, when it comes to expensive carbon fiber paddles or racing paddles, it’s essential to use actual paddle wax to get the most out of the paddling experience. paddle reviews insist that using wax specifically made for paddle board paddles will extend their life span.

Smell: This may not be a big deal to some people, but some waxes just smell terrible. Sticky Bumps wax keeps your paddle board smelling heavenly.

Freedom from Allergens: Some waxes will cause a rash to break out on your body. Sticky Bumps wax is made from materials that won’t cause allergic reactions.

Compatibility: Sticky Bumps wax combines well with other brands if, for instance, you want to use a base or top coat made by a different company.

Team: With some of the biggest fiber paddles names in the world on their roster – names like Darian Boyle and Josh Holland -Sticky Bumps’ referrals and endorsements come from fiber paddles experts that you can look up to and trust.

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