Paddle Reviews – Top 3 SUP paddle Considerations by Women

stand up paddle surfing equipment has a slightly different focus for women than it does for men. Because women are generally smaller than men and have less muscle mass, both the SUP surfing board and the SUP paddle they use must also be lighter and easier to maneuver. Women can become adept at fiber paddles just as easily as men; it’s only a matter of finding and using the right equipment that matches their style and weight.

paddleboard surfing is a very much a sport of balance where the person who is better able to stay on his or her feet has the better chance of excelling. Because women have a lower center of gravity than men, the average woman’s sense of balance can often be more finely tuned than the average man’s. This is one of the many reasons why many women gain proficiency at this sport faster than their male contemporaries.

Although there is plenty of information available about paddle board paddles in general, very little of that information is directly specifically to women. While paddle reviews and product comparisons between the latest racing paddles, carbon fiber paddles, and fiberglass paddles for sale abound, if you’re looking for SUP paddle information specific to the challenges women face in the sport, you may be left high and dry. With that in mind, here are a few general paddle reviews and considerations specifically addressing women who love or want to learn the sport of stand up paddle surfing. We hope that the below information will help you to choose an SUP paddle that you will adore and that suits your body perfectly.

It is difficult and not usually advisable to generalize about an entire gender, but it’s probably safe to say that most women are lighter than most men. Where men tend to have thick bones and a hefty muscular structure, women tend to be more petite and delicate. Many paddle reviews mention the weight of the paddle, and when looking for a paddle that will best suit you as a women paddle boarder, this is a good place to start. You need a paddle that is as light as possible. A lighter paddle will be easier on your frame and will tire you out less quickly.

Just because you want a lighter paddle, however, it doesn’t mean you should settle for one that is weaker. You need an SUP paddle that is light, lithe, and strong. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are many carbon fiber paddles that fit this very description.

Women also usually prefer a smaller blade on their paddles. Look for paddle reviews that describe the size and width of the blade, and try to find one with a narrow profit that matches your body size and offers a smooth stroke.

The last thing to consider is how well the paddle matches your paddling style. Although this will probably not be covered by most paddle reviews, testing out the paddle for yourself is a sure way to tell whether you love it or hate it.

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