SUP surfing – Top 10 SUP surfing Videos on YouTube

Here is a countdown of the top ten SUP surfing videos on YouTube. Although we’ve included some of these paddleboard surfing videos for their amazing stunts or the agility of the surfers, some of them we had to add just for the gorgeous scenery they feature as a backdrop to the fiber paddles. Whether they use carbon fiber paddles, racing paddles, the finest paddles for sale, or the worst on the planet, these surfers invested time and effort into their training, and the results paid off.

10. Honolua stand up paddle surfing Challenge

Navigating both treacherous waves and the back breaking stillness of calm waters, these SUP surfing experts compete in an epic clash of paddle board paddles.

9. Kayak vs. stand up paddle surfing Race

Watch from a beautiful board-cam view as the SUP paddle goes up against the double-bladed kayak paddle in a grueling race with a five dollar Subway sandwich on the line.

8. Blueline Paddle Surf Hawaii Team at Davenport, CA. SUP Surf Event

This mini-documentary from the world-class SUP surfing team Blueline features some of the world’s best paddle boarders in a competition set against the glittering backdrop of beautiful Davenport, California.

7. stand up paddle surfing – Maui, Hawaii

This video features a daring paddle boarder on a ten-foot board braving some of Hawaii’s most fierce waves. The combination of his graceful style and the expert use of his short paddle makes this video a joy to behold.

6. stand up paddle surfing the Colorado River

Not just for the mighty ocean, SUP surfing can also be enjoyed in the rapids of a great rushing river, as shown in this video filmed during an SUP surfing event on the Colorado River.

5. Laird Hamilton Stand up Paddling into Teahupoo, 2009

This video features a combination of SUP surfing and regular surfing on some of the biggest waves in the world that can be surfed standing up. Hamilton’s fearless technique makes this movie a thrill from end to end.

4. Stand up Paddle Colombia / Blueline – Paddlesurf Hawaii

The Blueline team is at it again with this epic mini-documentary on SUP surfing with the whales, the waterfalls, and the waves in the beautiful and rainy land of Colombia.

3. Stand up Paddle Patrice Chanzy Monster Wave Teahupoo, Tahiti

Travel back to Teahupoo, Tahiti, to accompany Patrice Chanzy in an SUP surfing adventure on one of the biggest waves ever surfed by a paddle boarder. Featuring a wave with a height of well over two stories tall, this stunt has to be seen to be believed.

2. Sri Lanka – Stand up Paddle

This video features some of the most beautiful scenery accompanying some of the coolest SUP surfing stunts on YouTube. It is set off the lovely and exotic shores of Sri Lanka.

1. Great White Invasion – Paddling with a Shark

Watch a shark expert paddle board with a great white shark. The shark gave this guy great paddle reviews and two fins up.

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