Stand Up Paddle Surfing – 5 Ways to Catch a Wave

stand up paddle surfing is the latest craze that has dropped in on surfing hotspots and beaches all across the world. Not only has there been an explosion in specialized paddles for sale, including carbon fiber paddles and racing paddles, but the Internet is buzzing with paddle reviews, tips on buying paddle board paddles, and expert advice on SUP surfing.

The sport of stand up paddle surfing, paddleboard surfing, surf paddling, or whatever you want to call it is inexpensive to begin and easy to master. stand up paddle surfing allows participants to wring all the pleasure out of the sport of surfing even when the waves are small. Even if there are no waves at all, you can use your SUP paddle and board to explore all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies along the beach.

For the adventurous stand up paddle surfing enthusiast, however, it’s all about catching the waves. Here are five important tips to keep in mind while stand up paddle surfing.

The most important thing you can do while waiting for a crest is to keep your eyes on the ocean. Watching how the waves build will help to train you to be able to spot the perfect moment to catch a wave. Once you’ve found a great spot on a great day, simply stand there and wait while watching the mighty ocean roll up and down.

The best waves for amateur stand up paddle surfing are slow-moving crests that are only between knee and shoulder height. If the wave is too fast or too high, simply leave it for a surfer with a smaller, more maneuverable board.

Waves come in sets so don’t think you have to catch the first one that comes at you. Once you’ve spotted the perfect wave, begin your approach. Timing is crucial, and you want to catch it at some point before it breaks. If you approach it too early, however, it won’t grab you and carry you for very long.

Hook into the wave, pointing your board at an angle either away from or toward the upcoming peak to ensure that you catch it at just the right point. You want to be moving at about the same speed as the wave when it catches you, so paddle quickly toward the beach. Make sure your feet are planted firmly and that your weight is evenly distributed. Paddle furiously either on alternate sides of the board or just one if that works better for you.

When the wave catches you, you will feel it. As you drop in, step backward on the board ever so slightly to allow the tip to point slightly upward. This will ensure that you get the greatest distance possible out of the wave. Change to a surfing stance with your front foot forward and your back foot slightly sideways while crouching a little. Stop paddling as the wave picks you up and feel the rush of wind and motion as it propels you toward the shore.

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