Vertical Jump Development Bible – Real Truth Uncovered!

Brief Overview Of What The Vertical Jump Development Bible Is All About

Especially you are an athlete, or someone who is involved in sports that involve jumping – such as basketball, high jump, long jump, etc., we’re sure you have come across situations where, some athletes jump so high and so far that you’re left wondering how the heck did they manage to do it!

Learning how to increase the height of your jump isn’t as difficult as it seems… So long as you know how exactly to go about training yourself to do it. And in the Vertical Jump Development Bible, you will discover how you can improve your vertical jump by between 5 and 20 inches in very little time!

The information that you will discover in this Vertical Jump Development Bible are the exact same information that Kelly Baggett, the author of this course, has formulated over the years to help her increase her vertical jump over the years. And you will get the exact proven to work training methods to achieve similar (if not the same) results as well.

What You Will Discover In This Vertical Jump Development Bible?

The Vertical Jump Development Bible is a book with which you will be able to instantly read after payment (as it is an electronic book, and you can download it onto your computer and read it immediately after payment).

This book consists of a total of more than 140 pages and within this very comprehensive guide where, the focus of the entire guide is about how you can improve the speed, as well as strength of your muscles (that you will use when jumping) so as to bring the best out of it.

You will find a list of exercises (with each of them focusing on different muscles of your body), along with equipment that you will need, which will help you increase your vertical jump.

The exercises with which you will discover throughout the entire program included weight lifting, plyometrics, loaded jumps, stretching, etc. Not to worry here about not being able to carry out the exercises – As they are being categorized according to 4 different levels: Beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced.

Pros & Cons About The Vertical Jump Development Bible

No product is this marketplace is developed all perfect – And the same goes for the Vertical Jump Development Bible. And in this section, we shall be taking a look at some of the pros and cons about this particular product.

Let us first take a look at the pros of the product: First and foremost, what we like about this program is that, Kelly has presented all the information throughout the entire program in such a way that one can easily comprehend and follow through (the exercises).

Another point to note is that, the exercises that you will find throughout the entire Vertical Jump Development Bible program are very easy to do, and they do not require much of your time to work on (where you only need to workout just twice every week, and just 30 minutes every single session).

However, one drawback about this program (as compared to some others in the marketplace) is its lack of videos to demonstrate the exercises in which Kelly has laid out throughout the entire Vertical Jump Development Bible. But despite of that, we were still able to follow through the exercises simply by reading the text in the guide, plus referring to the pictures available.

Customers’ Critiques About The Vertical Jump Development Bible

Moving on to what some of the customers are saying about the product, some of them call the Vertical Jump Development Bible the “best $40 they have spent” mainly because of its simple, easy to follow nature… Also, many like it that the exercises do not require them lots of time to carry out.

And last but not least, many love this program for the fact that it does indeed work! In terms of the results they have gotten (by diligently following through the exercises that they were required to carry out), they were able to see their vertical jump drastically improve within a matter of just weeks.

Our Final Verdict

One thing about the information that Kelly has presented in the entire Vertical Jump Development Bible guide is that, it simply works – As this is the exact exercise routine that Kelly has used to improve his vertical jump from 23 to 42 inches. Not only that, many customers have, as a result of following through the exercise routines, managed to see an improvement in their vertical jump as well.

What we like about this entire program is that everything is easy enough (even without the videos) to follow through and implement. And this is the reason why the Vertical Jump Development Bible gets our thumbs up.

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