Beware of Adam Meyer scam

I just wanted to make people aware that I received a phone call from a man saying he was Adam Meyer of Real Money Sports. I signed up with his service received losing picks and paid a lot of money. I listen to Adam Meyer on the Really Big Show in Cleveland every Friday and didn’t think twice that it couldn’t be the real Adam Meyer. The guy I was speaking with on the phone was discussing the same offer I had just heard on the radio show, he sounded like Adam Meyer, so I was excited to get started.

It wasn’t until I didn’t receive any of my picks for a few days, that I became suspicious. I had also read in a few sports betting forums that people were being scammed out of money by someone impersonating Adam Meyer. It has to do with the cities where he is on radio. Apparently, these scammers call sports bettors in the cities where Adam Meyer is on radio and says he’s Adam Meyer. He gets people to pay him for picks by discussing the offer Adam Meyer expresses on radio that week, gives them picks (losing picks) and then stops communicating with them after a week.

They’ve been using a spoof call service to disguise the phone call to look like it’s coming out of South Florida with a 954 area code.

I panicked after reading all of this and called the 800-355-5883 phone number on the website. Once I explained what was happening, the real Adam Meyer got on the phone with me. He said he had heard this was going on and was involving the authorities to get to the bottom of it and catch the people that are committing fraud with the Adam Meyer name. The real Adam Meyer couldn’t have been any nicer and understanding. He gave me a year of service on the website for free for my troubles even though his company had nothing to do with me being scammed.

He was real class act. He said that he doesn’t make outbound calls to anyone and that if anyone receives a call from someone saying they’re Adam Meyer of Real Money Sports, to hang up, call the 800 number on the website and ask for Adam Meyer.

I got scammed by someone impersonating sports handicapping legend Adam Meyer. If you are going to get sports picks from Adam Meyer, make sure you call the number on the website so you don’t get hit by this Adam Meyer scam.